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    How to avoid becoming a victim of scam on dating sites and social networks

    The Internet has become an integral part of our life, many people have their own pages on social networks and on dating sites, so online communication in the modern world is more than a common thing. But do you really…

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  • scammer

    Who is a scammer?

    Scammer is a fraudster who collects personal information about users by using it for personal gain, most often for receiving monetary assistance, or gifts, by putting the victim into a trance state using NLP clever technologies.

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  • How to recognize a scammer on his profile description?

    According to the description in the profile, you can easily determine the scammer, it all depends on which one of them you are facing! Usually, scammers create many accounts and work in a standard pattern, so if you own general…

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  • Nigerian scammers

    Nigerian scammers

    makes more profit from online scams than from the sale of its oil. There is practically no area of human life in which Nigerians would not operate.

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  • How to recognize a scammer on dating sites?

    So, you have registered on a dating site and begin to communicate with everyone who writes to you in anticipation of meeting their destiny. However, not everyone interested in your profile is really interested in you: scammers will immediately begin…

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  • In Which Countries do the Scammers Live?

    When I started to study the features of international fraud, I discovered one unpleasant news – the world fraudsters are divided into two types: Russian-speaking and African.

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  • Who is Calling You? International Country Calling Codes

    When you communicate with a scammer, he may ask you to tell him your phone number to continue communication in an application like WhatsApp. To determine the country of residence of this person, we publish a table with the name…

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  • online-dating

    What You Need to Know About Romance Scams

    In the age of information technology, millions of people use online applications or social networking sites to meet someone. But instead of finding romance, many find a fraudster who collects personal information, studies photographs, determines the social status of the…

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