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Buster Derrick Lockwood / Vancouver, WA; Portland, OR; NY / [email protected]

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The scammer goes by the name Derrick Lockwood with Son, Ryder. He also refers to Ryder as Burke. The photos are of a gorgeous, heavily tattooed Caucasian man with Fear God in script tattooed on his chest. Supposedly, his wife cheated on him and was busted for drug trafficking so his finances are frozen, pending investigation of their joint bank account being utilized to wash drug money. He also says he's had throat cancer and that his Son was very ill and he had to take out a ton of loans to pay medical bills. He will ask for gift cards, to open a bank account in your name that he can access to deposit and withdrawal funds, and will send you blank checks using someone else's account but your name on them. He uses the number 503.622.9056 as well as a 201 number and a 745 number, 347 as well but prefers to communicate on WhatsApp. Its a complete romance scam, run by an entire network of people under him, supposedly including his wife. They are professionals at scamming and run a smooth operation, have been for years. I dont know if the tattooed guy in the photos is really the leader or theyre just using someone's photos, which is crappy cuz someone's kiddo's photos are being used. Hes under FB as Derrick Bryant but the email address attached to the account uses Lockwood. Hes on IG as Derrick Lockwood. This network of individuals under the name Derrick Lockwood mess with people's minds, hearts, and destroy their lives... just so he can live large.

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