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I have been taken in by this person. She approached me on Facebook late summer and I fell hook, line, and sinker. I am widowed as of St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2020 after near 48 years of marriage. I will be 69 year of age this month. She indicates that she was born October 10, 1985; God only knows. At first hit on Facebook, it sent bells and whistles through me hollering, "Scam, Scam, and Run!". She is a smooth operator posing as a hair stylist. That I seriously doubt. SHE IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY even though she knows precisely what to say to make the mummy in any dead man come alive. The deal is that for whatever reason, she will never allow phone communication, she can't receive mail and if you slip one in on her, you will never forget that. Rarely does she ever respond with more that OK, Babe! She will work you and keep you close. She never asked for large sums of money, but any attempt to help her when she claimed that she had no food, or was about to be evicted was met with, "Buy me iTunes Cards ONLY!" Later, it was her (supposed) uncle who wanted to give her money. Supposedly, she does not have a bank account, and good ole Uncle wanted my banking account information to transfer $20,000 into for me to keep for her. It get worse but I am not going to trash her because she will answer to God for what she is doing to other people. She got me for iPhone 11 which as best as I can tell has never been used, and was likely sold or pawned, but which I have made sure that it can never be used unless it gets in my hands. AT&T is well aware.

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