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I was scammed by "Steve Madison 42, at Tinder, claiming he was american soldier stationed in Iraq and Syria - wrote to me for 2 weeeks at WhatsApp until I got suspicious and broke of the contact today,

Screenshot 20220410 110018 com.tinder 07f642ab5bc93c397436206c0c57502d
Screenshot 20220410 105958 com.tinder 28e0b655c99b630ecf2199c920b7227b
IMG 20220422 WA0034 c80b64fa2eeaceba92a3d377d4a97d66
IMG 20220413 WA0000 9846265fe4eca9d6b0d957d7602ba9d5
IMG 20220414 WA0001 cbdbdbbc50459aa4870746da489840d7
IMG 20220422 WA0036 31c2deca330ce5342876852e0f4c59df
IMG 20220422 WA0037 41d666a04fa21bdf0757f4abbdf056ca
IMG 20220422 WA0038 b78edc2fe231d4b0ab1ce0ff450c90cc