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Henry Greene / [email protected] / New York, Syria

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Whomever is communicating say they are in the Army and waiting to be able to retire. He says that his daughter is in a boarding school in New York. He says he lost his wife 6 years ago from a car accident. He asked for a Apple GIft card for his daughter. He then said his daughter got in an accident and needed surgery, I did nothing. as that is another scam. He then asked as a civilian to request his requirement so he could leave that country. That is not possible for a civilian to do such a thing so that was never ever going to happen, another scam. Then he said he got a big payout from the Syrian government for the work that he did and wanted to have it courrior to me for safe keeping, that is a scam. He then asked to download Coinbase and setup login and send it to him. That is another scam so nothing happened. He said he almost got shot which now I believe was to get sympathy to influence his request to write request for his retirement again, nothing happened. I tried helping him see it was building his character to have patience and to try to see it as a positive. I did a reverse photograph search and I found that the picture was for Major Ron Deweese and used by a scammer. I was angry so I sent him screenshots of the images that showed it was a scam. I sent bible verses showing harm to him for lying and deception. He is a really good communicator and if none of this nonsense was part of the relationship, it seemed like it had alot of potential, and sadly was all for naught and waste of time. He knows how to use words to build a relationship and trust. He knows how to apologize. I'm not even sure he is an American. He says he is in war zone in Syria which now I don't believe was true. He is a good communicator with using loving romantic language to attempt to influence a lady to do something for him. 8 definitely let him know that I didn't like feeling like he was using the relationship to get something from me, and I clearly set boundary that it was never going to happen ever. Please DO NOT let this guy get away with this as it is FRAUD, LIES and DECEPTION. God hates liars.

Photos used by scammers

Screenshot 20211104 131643 Hangouts db861791b0f998742027be61daa3d6d5
Screenshot 20211106 214054 Hangouts 5cb39766f6dd4e21f367afed08d52c94
Screenshot 20211116 074506 Photos 6b01a166bbb050b78aa4f0bead01b9b8
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