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James Holden / Santiago Mitchell / [email protected] / Madrid - Spain / Portugal / USA

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Nickname James Holden/Santiago Mitchell/Barrister James Forso / Barrister Harry Lincon

Email(s) [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

City / Country Madrid - Spain / Portugal / USA

Text of your report

This person is located in Wichita based on their IP address , they have requested money from me multiple times and in ways like Bitcoin, cash transfers, etc. He uses the profile photos of Dr. Guilherme Scheibel. He claims to be a NATO doctor when he is not, he claims to be a widower, to be Portuguese and to have two children, twins and one of them has leukemia, just like his supposed wife who has already passed away. Additionally, it says they are in Oman with a border with Syria (which is impossible because they do not make a border)

Used names: James Holden/Santiago Mitchell/Barrister James Forso / Barrister Harry Lincon

Emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

These are the supposed numbers that he has in his possession:
Mitchell: +1 (404) 480-9157
Barrister James Forso: +1 (646) 854-1744
NATO: +1 (773) 666-0768
Holden: +1 (609) 551-0072

James Holden
jue, 24 feb, 03:44
You left me because of just money you turned your back on the love i have builded with you because of money I only hope your heart will not regret it because you are blinded by doubts but it's fine because You turned your back on me again now that i am here and you called yourself my lover Is alright i hope you remember what you are doing before it's too late
I still love you And all I have prayed for was to leave this place and make you experience the kind of love I have and I want to share with you but I guess you are so blinded not to see them even from my words
I love you so much and have that in mind.

James Holden
mar, 15 feb, 11:32
You blocked me on WhatsApp baby what happened I was at the base clinic when you blocked me I am not well baby

Barrister James Forso
Thanks for your call, I was already on my response to you. Your emails has been received and your info well noted. I apologize for the little delay in my response as due to time difference and my busy schedules. In light of the context of your request, I will like you to know that I’m presently in Manhattan New York USA, and as you rightly mentioned in your email, it will required of me to travel from New York, USA to Turkey, to process claim of your partner's safe box and deliver to you at your designated destination address in Madrid, Spain. To accomplish this assignment, I want you to know that it will definitely require some funds from you, that will enable me facilitate this process successfully.
Details requires:
1. I will need a scan copy of your Passport or a valid Driver License
2. Your Designated destination delivery address where the safe box should be delivered to you.
3. I will also need a written and signed Power of Attorney (POA) from Dr. James Holden that will give me the explicit legal right, authorizing me to retrieve his safe box in his behalf and deliver to you at your designated address. I will as well need the full address of the safekeeping company where the said safe box is secured in Turkey.
Facilitation or processing cost in details:
4. My legal Consultation Fee, minimum charge per an hour is $250 (USD), and must be paid for 24 hours in advance, that amount to $6,000.00 (USD). The rest of the days spent to complete your assignment shall be paid for accordingly upon completion of assignment.
5. Flight from JFK International Airport New York City to Istanbul Turkey: $1,350.00 (USD) - Economy Class
6. Hotel accommodation for three days in Turkey, to enable me process claim in Turkey : $1,300.00 (USD)
7. Custom Diplomatic Security Tag/Security Tag on the safe box for safe delivery: $1,250 (USD)
8. Flight from Istanbul Turkey to Madrid Spain: $170 (USD)
In summary, the total amount required to carry out your assignment to a successful delivery of the safe box to you at your designated address is in amount of $10.070.00 (USD), which is in equivalent to Euro €8,834.00 (Euro)
I will be able to complete your assignment within the course of one week as a matter of urgency. I shall further devise you my itinerary as soon as I receive the above required information and the facilitating/processing cost from you.
Have a great day, as I look forward to receiving from you.
With regards,
Barr. James Forso

I hope this helps other people and they don't fall for fraud