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Janella Jensen,, Reising,, Laryea, Bruce, angel, Sandra and seven other aliases, / Erick Marshal Matis is a fake husbands, She is an ex-porn star active scammer with 8 other scammers in Ghana and 1 in Uganda. I found them all and classified them with cell phones I got stolen or scammed by Sandra/Janella going by pseudo name of uncle Andrews tp convince you to buy computers qnd I-phone. She is good, I am in contact with her daily. I am on to her and she came clean. Her legend Riesing is a plant. She never went to that college, her graduation picture is her 16th year old pic from an all girls school in South Africa. Her legend is so tight that it is not evident unless you dig deep and pay for investigation sites.
She was well traveled at age 23 her accent is lost. lost 42K on this woman. Janella Jensen resides in the U.K. She left the industry to her own demise. She get sick of it. No destitute and Is on a path to whatever. The jury is out on that one. I have skyped with the porn star on a few occasions. Why she would do that I don't know, but the connection gets cut. But I tell you This porn-star I think is slowing her activity down, but the others I mentioned are good at it. Avoid contact anybody with this picture. The pics are not stolen either as in a thief lifting them off you. They are all pics off the net she or the porn companies posted. I did a lot of legal and illegal digging. Wonder why there is no information about her life after June 2018. She isn't in this country and is in hiding. She is whose, who, paparazzo in America would see to that if she went to a grocery store. Look into all the Matis and Riesing clan social websites you would think in 16 years she would be in one picture. Don't believe that one video stating to avoid being cat-fished. Thats after she said she quit
social media. She is a nice lost girl and don't let fool you. BTW she needs $1000.00 to pay inheritance tax. Pay it... and walk away. She gave all her 980$K away in 2019 and is now claiming destitution. Porm is a stupid industry. The actors and actress lose.
Would I say Sandra Bruce, is a scammer. She is not as horrific and deceitful as others, On a mutual business deal, could be a scam. Either way, whether she is or is not a scammer. It cost me dearly. I was an idiot and knew better.
I sent her 5 thousand worth of cell phones and the bills ran up to $10K US. plush 1.5 in gifts. Less said, I will be paying her a visit and her uncle too in the UK. and get a private eye to dig up more in California, Seattle. Kansas.

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