Juan Avalos


If you saw this man on a social network or website, be sure this is a fake. A photo of this man is very popular among online scammers. They create fake accounts in order to deceive people and earn money on them. Be careful and always check those with whom you communicate!

Juan Avalos is a Chief of the U.S. Navy. Juan is married and has a son. Has its own online sportswear store. He has his own YouTube channel where he publishes funny videos.

Juan Avalos on Instagram  Juan Avalos on YouTube

Pay attention in this gallery collected the most famous photos of Juan Avalos that are used by Internet scammers

He recorded a video in which he says that his photos are used by scammers to deceive trust people

Another video from Juan Avalos

Remember this man has nothing to do with fraud, his photos were stolen and used by scammers to deceive other people.

You can tell us your history of meeting and communication in the comments

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Carmen Pudar

I just found his FB profile. I messaged every single female he had commented on his posts and anyone he was trying to friend in a group


Can any one help with this…we been chatting on hangouts but everything he says is pointing at scammer….. All he speak of no access to money.. Military block access…his son is sick needs help with money so he can have surgery.. Waiting for allowance the he’ll sort me if I can help…. he seems to be using a different name this time, he has use now GRIEZ KOFMAN to communicate with me on Hangouts, first he found me on facebook and used Sweetie Victor… other aliaces i googled he was using MARK DAVIS, AND OTHERS. So i seen that NAVY JUAN AVALOS pictures is the correct owner of them.but whom ever is abusing its really not nice. so i am facing this issue and need help how to avoid this person speaking behind this mans face.

Debra Mitchell

I am talking to a guy who also has the same pictures but different name ..he said he is the owner of the pictures and hat others are using his pictures

Carmen Pudar

Alavos Mason on Facebook. He is commenting on the Donald Trump page!

Julissa Rodriguez

Sr..I have a person in fb with your picture, is making freedom..

Morgan M

Someone is using two photos going by Greg Avalos from Washington DC. Tried to video them they said the connection is bad on the base (US NAVY).

Denise Radic

Currently scammer using Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto photo has contacted me. Thank you for this information. Very helpful