Stuart James


If you saw this man on a social network or website, be sure this is a fake. A photo of this man is very popular among online scammers. They create fake accounts in order to deceive people and earn money on them. Be careful and always check those with whom you communicate!

Stuart James is a pilot, retired sergeant in the US Army. Former Civil Aviation Officer at Aviance International. He is happily married and lives with his young wife in Memphis, Tennessee, not looking for love on the Internet.

Pay attention in this gallery collected the most famous photos of Stuart James that are used by Internet scammers

Remember this man has nothing to do with fraud, his photos were stolen and used by scammers to deceive other people.

You can tell us your history of meeting and communication in the comments

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Dan Davis

I had an online relationship with James Steve (same StuartJames) several months having me send money to Connecticut United Nations home to release him retirement last November but they asked for $5,000 more than $1,000 I sent! He had his business manager send me check $24,000 to me and fraud check froze and closed my account! He also had me use my information to order apple watches that I have to pay for . He also used my name in California to attempt to collect unemployment while I am working semiretired in NYS ! Evil people taking advantage of lonely seniors! He asked fir money still to leave Afghanistan missing the evacuation . I did make report to police and federal government having no idea how wide spread scammers are everywhere! Beware love starts at home !

Lydz Vicente

Reported and Blocked