Danielle Delaunay


If you saw this girl on a social network or website, be sure this is a fake. A photo of this girl is very popular among online scammers. They create fake accounts in order to deceive people and earn money on them. Be careful and always check those with whom you communicate!

Danielle Delaunay was born on May 29, 1988, in Bossier City, Louisiana, USA. She is an actress. Danielle worked a variety of McJobs and ended up dropping out of college. She began nude modeling in 2007 and got her own site in 2008. She has also modeled under the name Genevieve and an entire host of different names.
Danielle retired from modelling in 2011, however her pictures are still widely used today.

Danielle Delaunay on iafd

Pay attention in this gallery collected the most famous photos of Danielle Delaunay that are used by Internet scammers

Remember this girl has nothing to do with fraud, her photos were stolen and used by scammers to deceive other people.

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The scammer has WhatsApp



He/she used the name Joanna Pieal supposed to be from England and a former porn star trying to get clean. The number is from Ghana
233 50 410 1087


The scammer claimed that her name is Sarah and she lives in Texas. She once tried to video call me. But the number comes from Ghana.


Feel free to insult this scammer

Buddy Jones

Lisa Williams @Williams85457671 on Twitter use her photos as her own. Then when trapped will tell you that she is Danielle, but she changed her name after she left the business. Oh and her parents and brother died in a car accident 12yrs ago. She now lives in Canada with her grandma. Some where around Toronto supposedly. All a scam.


Tasha Brown, uses Danielle Delaunay’s photos. Phone number comes back from the Chicago area. She tried multiple times to scam me.


She was born in Luisiana not california as that site states. She is no longer in porn either and doesn’t use any of her online accounts anymore.

Anonymous Tipper

Name comes back to someone named Alhassan Memunatu out of Ghana. May claim to be from Nevada or Canada.


She lives in Arizona and has never been to Ghana. Her brother works in a mine there though