Jelena Jensen


If you saw this girl on a social network or website, be sure this is a fake. A photo of this girl is very popular among online scammers. They create fake accounts in order to deceive people and earn money on them. Be careful and always check those with whom you communicate!

Jelena Jensen was born on October 7, 1981, is the stage name she is pornographic actress, nude model, webcam model. In May 2003, she graduated with honors from Chapman University College in Orange County, California and received a bachelor’s degree in contemporary cinematic art. Photos of the girl appeared in Penthouse magazines and special issues of Playboy. In 2016, she became the girl of the year the Girlsway porn site. Up 2018, she starred in 285 porn films.

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Pay attention in this gallery collected the most famous photos of Jelena Jensen that are used by Internet scammers

Remember this girl has nothing to do with fraud, her photos were stolen and used by scammers to deceive other people.

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Hi, my name is Rodrigo and I am from Chile lately I wrote to a girl who sayd to be Jelena Jensen she told me she lives in Acrra Ghana and allways ask me with money for pay her airtime. the number +233507331737 and she gave me her hangout id is [email protected] so please confirm is this information is true or fake ?


This girl was never in Ghana, it’s fake.


I always do a reverse image search. Then do searches via Twitter and instagram. So far I’ve caught out loads of people. Mostly from Ghana and Russia. Once you confront them they soon back off. Some are on pay to chat sites some just ask you to go to hangouts. I Would suggest anyone does a reverse image search when starting an online chat. But to be fare you can see why they chose this lady’s image.