Scam Profiles

Daniela Lopez


Nickname: ela
First name: Daniela
Second name: Lopez
Email: [email protected]
City / Country: Oklahoma City, OK

Text of report

she says she lives at 1029 NE 6th St Oklahoma City bldg. 14 doesn’t provide apt. number. Says she’s from S. Carolina and in OK to take care of grandma. Also says she will come to be with you after you buy her sister, who lives in , a bunch of iPhones to sell in . When they make enough money from the phones her “sis”, Lina, will fly to OK. and take over her duties as caretaker to their grandma. She’s a prolific pornstar in reality, when I called her on it she told me, and I quote, “Whoa whoa whoa, no no no no that was in the past and I’m not proud of it.” Then she acted all depressed for a day. Funny though I think she’s still shooting hard core.


Reported by Rick Curtis

Remember, photos are used by scammers to trick other people. Always check the photos on the Internet, always try to call by video like skype or WhatsApp to see this person’s face live.

If they ask for money – never send, it can be a scam

You can tell us your history of meeting and communication in the comments

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