Scam Profiles

Jason Paul Louisiana


Nickname: Paul Louisiana, Jason Paul Louisiana
First name: Paul
Second name: Jason
Email: [email protected]
City / Country: Washington DC. Oakland California

Text of report

About 2 weeks ago, I realized I have been scammed by a guy who said is in the army and his so called name is Sergeant Jason Paul Louisiana. He said he is stationed in Washington DC in Joint Base Anacostia Bolling. He called me a couple of times but we never skyped not because he couldn’t but he said there are some areas within the base you cant, same thing with the phone calls which were brief. After a couple of months of chatting mostly every other day and sometimes in the middle of the night, he professed he was starting to fall for me and he liked me a lot an in time I felt the same way. He started saying he needed Google play cards for his daughter’s assignments since he was unable to get money from his account because he made a deal with his bank that hes only allowed to withdraw money in person not while hes on duty out of the country or stationed. I gave him close to $3000 worth of cards. Last time i heard from him was valentine’s day through email.


Reported by Ivone

Remember, photos are used by scammers to trick other people. Always check the photos on the Internet, always try to call by video like skype or WhatsApp to see this person’s face live.

If they ask for money – never send, it can be a scam

You can tell us your history of meeting and communication in the comments

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Suzanne Knox

Please will you make contact with me, [email protected]… my sister has been scammed by this same man out of her pension, she has even given up her job so she could move countries with him. He has been promising to marry her and pay for her son and her pets to emergrate to the USA.