Employment Scams

From Centrum Jobs Team – [fraud email example]


This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam, even if they say they will reimburse you!

From: Elizabeth Lee <[email protected]>

Dear Applicant,

You are going to receive various messages from us at different stages of your application, some of which might be of great importance.

Before that, we have to be sure that our messages reach you, by all means. As per our experience sometimes it does not happen.

In case we are sending a long message or one containing attachments. It is often placed in your Spam Folder because of the shortcomings of the spam filter, and in most of the cases it stays unread there!!!

Ultimately, it turns out that you miss your opportunity.

In order to solve this problem, please, add our e-mail HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected]”HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected] your E-mail address book.

This way our messages will reach your inbox most probably. So please do it immediately! Make sure you are adding particularly (and not some other one).
How do I add a contacts to my Address Book?
Where is your e-mail account registered?

* Yahoo
* Gmail
* Hotmail
* RediffMail

Our correspondence is really important – from this moment on we are starting a serious and, we hope, successful process of giving currency to your job application.

Yours sincerely,

Technical department

From: System Administrator <[email protected]>


Today our Technical Department sent you an important e-mail. Please check all your folders, including the unwanted mail.

As the date of your possible job departure for Europe approaches, our e-mails will become more and more important. So add us to your Contacts (Click on Add to Contacts – this sentence is located on the top of the present e-mail, on the right of our e-mail address. Then click on SAVE and OK).

Please confirm that you added us by sending back a blank e-mail with the Subject Added to Contacts.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

System Administrator

Centrum Job-Transfer Team


From:[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Dear :::::,

Thank you f or your email.

Your employer refused to file f or a work permit since they were asked to pay very high fee in the last moment. However, they will 1 00 % hire you i f you hold valid work permission that is why we suggest this procedure to you. Since it allows you to work for that employer or any other employer in Europe , you can change employers just as any regular European citizen.

This work permission status will make you independent o f a particular employer and let you work f or any employer you want.

We would like to brie f ly explain what needs to be done f rom here on.

What needs to be done f rom here on is: obtain a work permission and right o f long-term residence in the EU. We recommend you to obtain these through the procedure f or obtaining independent economic activity status, which is o f f ered in the EU countries.

Let us explain all o f the bene f its :

1. It allows you to work for that employer or any other employer in Europe , you can change employers just as any regular European citizen.
2. This work permission status will make you independent o f a particular employer and let you work f or any employer you want.
3. This status gives the right to work under regular work contract and well as develop independent economic activity either.
4. It allows you to bring your f amily with you and they will also have the right to work there legally (They have all the social bene f its just like the local ones)
5. Your children have all bene f its just like the local children – monthly bonuses, f ree textbooks, covered expenses f or clothes and f ood, and so on and so on.

– This permission allows you to change your employment without getting back to your country in case you loose your job (as is the case when you are working under regular work permit and it expires).

The documents necessary f or an independent economic activity permission application are as f ollows :

1. Business plan (including economic presentation)

2. National identity number application f orm

3. Detailed in f ormation about you

The documents are relatively complicated. In this regard we suggest that you search f or assistance f rom a specialist. You may search f or an agency in your country which provides such service since their charges will probably be lower.

We will also research f or some European companies, which deal with such paperwork. In case we f ind something suitable, we will ask them to e-mail an o f f er to you. So, f ollow your email regularly, including your BULK mail f olders as messages may land there accidentally.

In all cases we recommend you to get in touch with us again in 2 days in order to discuss what we have f ound out and how we will proceed.

Please, inform us what would be your next step by replying this letter or contacting our Recruitment Consultants online at their yahoo messenger ID CONSULTWR or through LIVE CHAT

Yours sincerely,

Technical Department

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